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A very large array antenna under repair - Rv Session

Remote Viewing Antenna Classes
Large Antenna Under Repair


This Target involves a very large mechanical object that has a cylindrical shape. Itʼs got a rounded, long point on one end and a large circle on the other end, where an unbelievable amount of power comes out It also has a fuselage that emits cool vapors. It can move very fast, powerful, whooshing, buoyant, moving, chilled, sinking/syncing, air being let out of something, running out of steam, shivering, cooling. It seems at the moment to be in a large shop or hanger where there are many workers pushing cart like objets around. Itʼs up on stands or legs and youʼd have to climb up to get to it. It has a hard surface, tin like, with rivets, and the material, while hard, could easily dent and I have the perception of a guy dressed in military clothes, like a general, tapping it with pride.  This has a large thing that opens in the middle (Iʼm quite sure of this). It opens in an unusual way, the opening is towards the top and it lowers down. When itʼs closed, you just see the outline of it but when it lowers down, mechanically I believe, it is a large, squarish opening. So it lowers down, then folds back up. The material of this object seems smooth, shiny and white, so while I first thought it was metal, Iʼm not so sure if thatʼs metal or fiberglass, itʼs hard.

Within it, people donʼt just sit, but they can stand and conduct business. Itʼs now either “retired” or not in action. It has done missions. This moves either through the air or water. Currently, itʼs roped off, and visitors are not allowed inside. People take pictures of this, they marvel at its size and its design. They are humbled by it. Itʼs a masterpiece, itʼs even artistic.

There is something about it that has spray, liquid/gas/cold, coming out of it.
Seemed like at one point, it was lying down flat, but then I got another image of it standing straight upward, I may be bouncing around in time.

It has quite a vast and unbelievable history. It took many, many people to be involved with this. Itʼs a “show piece”. When people come from other places, they are shown this, maybe a prototype? It represents other things of itʼs kind, innovation, invention. There may be another one just like it, a twin one or something.

One of my ideograms suggested something about two biologicals, heard word, “lovers”, together, in between two other objects. Seems like a bridge like structure is off in the distance as well"


A dish antenna of the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope near Socorro, New Mexico, USA, undergoing repair. It is housed in a 10 storey warehouse during this overhaul. The VLA is the world's largest radio telescope array, consisting of 27 dish antennae like this one, each 25 metres in diameter. The total weight of each antenna is 235 tonnes. The dishes can be moved to various positions along the arms of a Y-shaped railway network. Two of the arms are 21 km in length, the third is 19 km. The data from all the dishes can be combined using interferometry techniques to produce a single finest-detail radio image.

Target offered via (to Focal Point Members)


Start time  - 1:41 to 2:41

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