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The arecebo observatory - RV Session

THIS TARGET WAS PART of  IRVA.ORG - Focal Point Group - Target Practice. The sketch below is Debra's final compilation sketch, bringing together all the objects she had already described.

Debra had no Idea she would be assigned yet another Radio Telescope/Satellite on the IRVA focal point yahoo groups site, this one in Puerto Rico, called THE ARECEBO OBSERVATORY


Click on file here to see her session which was uploaded 1 day prior to feedback.

It's long because this is a  CRV Session up to Stage 4, in which she did her best to stay within "CRV structure"

CRV is a methodology developed by Ingo Swann in the U.S. Remote Viewing Programs runned by the CIA and military. Debra has been training in this methodology for 4 years and still considers herself to be a beginning student of CRV.


Notice how AOL's are separated out. These are usually nouns that will not be correct (although they could be) but can be minded for further info. In CRV these are separated out onto the right hand side of the page, whereas descriptors (adjectives) which are often correct, are on the left side.


The challenge is that sometimes, AOLs are right and sometimes they're not. Also, notice how helpful the summary can be, as well as providing the session data and sketches themselves.

Arecebo Observatory Classes
Arecebo Observatory Remote View
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