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Below you will see Debra's session sent into Nancy Smith, Project Manager for their ARV group  "Sublime", that operates within the Applied Precognition Project. Debra did this in just about 10 minutes, and seems to combine the description of the dog, older man and women alltogether into one person, which is common at the start of a session. Usually, the longer one stay's in session, the more the details can be sorted out. In this photo, from the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is holding her dog who is looking directly at the camera. (Kind of hard to see).
Transcript from Debra's Session done APX 24 hours before seeing feedback photo she was viewing:
"Body seems like it moves to the left and then the head goes forward to camera and then eyes move up and look “pensive”. There is depth, thought and personality behind those eyes. Female. Maybe kind of short. Not much of a neck. She is saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She's inside a room that has all that she needs. Small items behind her on shelves., one in cellophane. She likes these!" 
"In a sterile environment....It's like her head turns, she looks at the camera and there is something pensive and starring that reminds me of a photo I once saw, where there was a moneky looking at the camera (hope I'm not insulting anyone!), but something noticeable about the eyes, they are watery, which also made me think of an older person. Space feels kind of small.
Hand Drawing
Dorothy and Wizard
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