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Missing malaysian Flight 370 - RV project 

Subject: ***UPDATE*** Target #512145628

Date: Jun 2, 2014 10:21 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Dear Viewers:
In March you were tasked with viewing Target #512145628.

We’d like to give you some information about the nature of this target and what our project entailed.

Please note: This is *NOT* feedback in remote viewing terms, but rather a general disclosure as to the nature of the subject.

We have struggled with the needs of the project and your needs as a viewer, to get some insight into understanding what you participated in. We very much appreciate and respect the level of trust you give to anyone who tasks you with a project that requires you to do so completely blind. In fact, if you are receiving this email, this means you were part of the group of viewers who were completely blind to the project in the truest sense of the word, meaning you had no idea as to what the subject matter was.

Malaysian Flight 370

The general topic had to do with the missing Malaysian flight 370 and the location of it, at the time corresponding with when you were viewing it. You were not tasked with the cause. You were also not tasked with the feedback. Your undisclosed tasking (that which was sealed in an envelope after being structured by the taskers) asked you to move to the location and describe.

Please understand that any feedback you get outside of what we give you, that you may pick up from the media, really has nothing to do with your session. The plane also may have been moved or has moved, therefore whatever you have already heard or seen regarding its present location, now or even in the future may not apply to what you were observing and experiencing as a viewer.

We ask that you do not go looking for feedback on the internet or elsewhere until you hear from us as theoretically, it could potentially retroactively impact your earlier session. Trust us when we say no trustworthy feedback exists yet.

We will therefore give you feedback as we have it, if we have it. We will not give you any until we are as confident as possible that it is accurate.

If you haven’t been following the news, it’s clear that even statements so far made by individuals, who said they were confident, have turned out to not be true. That’s why we are saying, consider you have no feedback until you hear from us.


Our project consisted of 3 groups:


Your group was the blind group (15 viewers). There was a front loaded group, who knew the secret tasking (15 viewers) Control group (50 people) who offered logical opinions.

Analysis: To date we have analyzed all sessions by breaking them down into descriptor words to see the top repeating words. One of the things this project hopes to assess is whether lists of corroborating words (top repeating) offers insight into the target question, as opposed to individual

We do not want to show you the list yet because this might serve as the wrong feedback. It's very possible that some individual sessions were far more accurate than the compilation lists, so we don't want to show you these until we have feedback.

Another research question is: what is more useful for an operational project, having viewers be blind to a target or having viewers front loaded with the target question?

These questions still have yet to be determined. We won’t be able to really assess these until feedback is available. The feedback might not be available for decades if ever. We are willing to wait as there have been other remote viewing projects (i.e. Ingo Swan’s remote viewing of the rings of Jupiter) or Angela Smiths viewing of the rings of Saturn) where feedback wasn’t available for years, but when it was it was pretty cool.

We do understand some of you suspected that the target could be the airplane and this created some noise. Still, there is always noise in any project, therefore we still consider that you were blind to the subject, even though we do have to consider that some viewers may have been duly influenced. There were a couple of sessions when it was clear this was happening and they were disqualified. As the parapsychologist suggested we do this project advised, even if there are challenges with this subject matter, given the timely and widespread media attention”, there is much to be learned.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that we are viewers ourselves, viewers who sometimes have fantastic, almost perfect sessions and sometimes are way off. We understand that there is so much involved in any project, that those who may have been off or will not be rated highly (and again, no one was rated yet as there is no adequate feedback) is not reflection of your overall abilities.

What is a reflection is the amount of time, energy and your willingness to participate, which is always so much appreciated in a project like this.

Sincerely,  Michelle Bulgatz and Debra Lynne Katz

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