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Debra's Sessions tasked by Radio Show Host Jeff Richards, "Canada's Most Dangerous Mind"

Listen to The Show's Podcast Now in 2 Parts

Part I Debra RV Interview with Jeff Richards -
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Part II Debra RV Interview with Jeff Richards -
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First Exercise - "View Hand Drawing"

Jeff drew this photo, put it in an envelope and assigned it to Debra. His tasking was: describe the sketches I drew.

Hand Drawing
Hand Drawing

"In addition to these sketches I see a man holding an object, reminds me of a gun"

Debra did a very short session

Second Exercise - Jeff told Debra to "View a real location of a place I have visited"

Debra completed her session, sent it to Jeff and then he revealed that the Target he selected was: "It's a Small World Exhibit at Disneyland, when I visited there". He showed her the two photos below that were paired with this concept.

Photos sent after by Jeff

Disney Land
Clairvoyance Training

Debra's  sketch sent to Jeff prior to knowing what the target was

Remote Viewing Practice

Photo Debra found online of the exhibit outside - her session wasn't just about the photos he sent but about the location which was part of his intention

Disney World Outside view

Part of Debra's Written Description sent to Jeff prior to target being revealed:

Target Number:                                 1147329

Viewer:                                                Debra Katz

Tasking/frontloading                        Describe location and aspects of the target that are noticable.                                                               

Date of Session:                                11-16-14

Time of Session:                               11:35 pm to 12: 57 am (not including typing of summary)

Time of Summary writing

and sketch redrawing:                      1.5 hours.

Location Session Performed:           Living room, Phelan, CA.

The following is Target Location Overall (not just what is in any feedback photo)

What I’m going to be describing here has to be way more than just what is in any single picture. Emotional Ambiance was overwhelmingly powerfully positive – this just seems like such a wonderful special place that people love so much and it’s a combination of the place itself, the people who were there, and the experience that Jeff was having.  I don’t think the place itself is necessarily overtly meant to be that spiritual, but the way that the people and their appreciation for each other, at least as far as Jeff and the people he was with related to one another, had a sense of sacredness and profoundness to it and I feel like the different enclaves of people did there brought some of this with them. The sense is that there were so many people, all ages, different sizes and shapes and they were in their own little groupings of who they came with, but then there was a spirit of comradeship that just permeated the whole are. Maybe it’s just that people are genuinely happy to come here, which made me feel happy and it actually helped me to relax into this target, because for some reason. Jeff’s initial request to do any target was making me really anxious, but as soon as I started on this I relaxed. In fact, for some reason I feel like I was invited to peer into a window of some special and personal moments here and it’s an honor, which was the last thing I was expecting.  I feel like I can sense the special connection between Jeff and the people he loves. I do feel like either Jeff’s mother or a mother type figure may have been present at the time my attention was directed here.

My attention was focused outdoors. Seems like a town within a town, or larger area, and the two are connected. The atmosphere is festive, maybe even a festival going on here or a place that is festive like. Overall, it covers a large, sprawling area. It has manmade structures, buildings, biological land elements with highs and lows, walkways, water off in distance, transportation devices, signs, food and fun things like ice cream. It has a lot going on in it.

There is a focus on family. A lot of people of all ages come here, kids are whining a bit, wanting a lot of things there. People have cameras, lots of them, like some have two cameras hanging around their neck! There are a lot of kids, even at least a baby. I can’t really over-estimate the people

Seems like a place with so many different things going on. Food, restaurants, eating, eateries are important here. This place seems to have artistic sculptures, flowers, etc. Unique art and creations. I think I saw a guy playing a violin or some kind of instrument.This is an amusing, fun, family place. You can access from outside public restrooms. When you come out of a narrow passageway, you have these large walls.

I was getting that this is like a park of some kind that is outside, but maybe has inside areas too, not sure if the inside areas are just restaurants, there are eateries around. There are some green spots of grass maintained well, like at a golf course. There seems to be a feeling of fish not too far away, water community. It seems like water ambiance, with sea-side, shore or something is around, but I’m not sure how close the water is right now, maybe at a different elevation, this town seems to sit on the edge of a shoreline.

This seems like a special place that is festive. So many different things going on, and seems artistic – harmony, dancing (native girl?) sculptures, music. There are public restrooms up on top too where I see a guy peeing. A little girl is running down this incline, she looks small, like you can see her diapers and she may be carrying a balloon. The kids are very high-strung here and are hell-bent on playing. This feels like a family outing place

In Photo:

There is a horizontal railing with vertical slats – you may be able to see rooftops from looking over the railing somewhat at a distance away – rooftops that have wide slanted roofs. A building has a Bavarian look to it, in that there are brown wooded cross beams. People can lean on them and they pose in front of. Behind them is a zigzagging walkway that goes down pretty far – which makes me think the whole area has highs and lows, different elevations so if you were standing here you could look down and see rooftops towards the right, down, and beyond that some water?.  I feel like a photographer is up higher seeing rooftops below and a vast area.  Is this just about the place where the people are with different elevations? I think the landscape does this and the people and buildings are built into that landscape of some different elevations.

So they are up higher and they will need to walk down a walk way behind at least and wheel chairs and strollers could go down this walk way ramp. This is not far from a restaurant. I believe behind them is a body of water that may not be in the photo, but seems there. There is sand too with some driftwood like a shore. I hear the motto over and over again as if it keeps playing  “come here for the sun”

There is a salty sense. There are sea Mammals (unless some dogs are in the water?). But the water may not at all be in the photo with the railing but it’s down below. Kids could play in the water.

Someone here has a bare midriff – like you can see a belly button so they are wearing an outfit where you can see their tummy. A women seemed to remind me of a hula dancer, but maybe I’m just confusing the outfit as she had on this skirt and you could see her tummy. Her skirt, the skirt of the stage, and even the vertical lines of the railing some people are standing up in front of and leaning at elbow level against.

I had a sense of mom, maybe Jeff’s mom is here? There is a women that reminded me of one of my friend’s Jewish mom. Mom came up even at the start of the session when I was least expecting it. Is this Jeff’s mom?

I’m seeing a guy with an earring. He is gesturing something about his wallet and I’m reminded of an orange wallet my brother has – not sure if this is saying his wallet is orange or I’m just reminded of a wallet. Some focus is on money? I also have a Christian ambiance around him.

I have a feeling like this is a special place and that it’s somehow an honor to be viewing this.  Like the people involved have a deep respect for one another. Something just seems perfect about this day. The energy is so high and there is love and a spiritual sense of things that brings tears to my eyes for some reason. While I’ve viewed plenty of places that had multiple things going on at the locations and that were vast, I’ve never had such a feeling of so much laughter around and a sense of a sacredness, and it some how feels like an honor.

Not sure if people get married in this place, there may be some people who resemble brides around. When I asked are people getting married here I heard” this is better than getting married”.

There seems to be an area that looked like there was a stage. I say it seemed like a stage, because entertainment was going on the stage and people were standing near the stage, but below it and then there seemed like there was red shiny tin foil type decorative fringe (red, maybe some blue too) hanging down from the stage with a microphone. People were laughing and seemed really delighted, making exclamations. I got an image of a clown, which I sometimes get representing entertainment, but also kind of something secretive.

There is building near by that has something to do with a restaurant, or one nearby, seems to have dark green paint with some white trim and I believe horizontal siding. (some darker orange colors may be present). It’s really quite large, with an upstairs, a downstairs and a staircase that goes around the outside. It’s like I can see it from an angle with both the back and a side view in my field of vision, and a van is parked outside it. There is a sign in the window that gets turned around depending on if they are open or closed. It kind of has a colonial look to it’s build. There may be a short gait you open in and out of, and there is something about the top that seems a bit church like, or maybe like an old-fashioned bell or something on the top. Might have a clock tower with a small balcony under it. Maybe at one point in time it could have operated as a church.  There is a sign on it that seems to want the general public to come back another day and a message comes from here that “You can’t take advantage of us”. (note: Not sure where that’s coming from but…I’m falling asleep as I’m typing this and that just came in out of nowhere – that was weird).

(See my sketch of the building I was getting).

I had a sense that in an area nearby, there is a parking lot that is just so filled with cars going every which way, people are in the cars and some of the cars are more like vans too. The cars are very tightly packed, but the ground seems more like sand or dirt as opposed to a neatly laid out parking lot. There is some order to it, but it’s not like the kind of parking lot where spaces are all blocked off and every one stays in the lines. Cars seem to be packed in with not so much order, they are closer to each other  and there is a convertible type car that seems like a much older classic/antique car, and somehow, these cars even add part of the fun. Some cars have travel type containers on top or they feel like people have been in them traveling, with more of their own personal things in them then you might find if someone was just going from off to the office for the day. There could be boats at a distance. The area has colorful modern art statues too.

All around, it’s a beautiful day, one that people are saying they couldn't have asked for more. The area is more upscale, the kind of place I call happy land, organized and structured where people have money to spend with their families.

There are levels here, so people are higher up and they go up and down these path ways that you could even take a stroller or a wheelchair if you had to, these have sharp turns but then go straight for a while, so this tells me the land is elevated in places, hill like or more. It’s breezy.

Anything else

It does seem like some people come here to take photos of their wedding or some of the people seem like newly weds.  I heard the word “flash mob” and reminded of a square type area. Lots of room to walk around, but then the buildings, shopping malls and things surround that. It’s on a hill and there are things below that and then below that. I’m reminded of places where there are people doing independent art/performing type stuff too.


There is a women and I believe she may have a small dog on a leash like a Maltese type of dog and she seems to be connected to Jeff. I think people like to show their dogs off here. There seems to be another kind of animal. I was thinking it was a seal, but not sure at all. Heard it was a “saber tooth”, and it seemed to have whiskers and I think it’s darker colored. Seemed like there were other animals too.

I felt like I was seeing Jeff just sitting there on the ground for a few moments at one point (This would not be in any photo). He was sitting there with an attitude of simply allowing. It also seemed like this small animal approached, kind of reminded me of a rabbit.  Not sure about that.

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