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Manifest money Now Audio Course

Self Study - Do at your own pace!

Recorded by Debra Lynne Katz/co-produced with Krishanti Wahla​

This is an extremely powerful yet surprisingly
easy to follow 8 week home study
written/audio course available. 
Each lesson includes one or two audio
meditations that will change your life...for the better!


Are you tired of being stuck in a rut, doing the same old thing and running into the same old blocks that keep you from making the kind of money you really want? ​


Are you fed up with hearing about the incredible wealth other people are raking in, while you’re forever stuck on the sidelines? ​


If so, Manifest Money Now! is the course for you! What is it about money that’s so enigmatic? ​


Why is it that some people seem to be able to create money, and the life of their dreams, virtually out of thin air, while others struggle their entire lives and never get ahead? ​


The powerful philosophy of Manifest Money Now! will show you that money in and of itself isn’t the elusive, evasive currency we’ve built it up to be in our minds. ​


Money is just a form of energy that you can attract and channel into your life. The bottom line is when it comes to creating money, or really anything you want, you need to blast through the energy of your preconceived notions and limitations about what you can truly allow yourself to have. Once you strip these limitations away, you can access the powerful and vibrant life force energy of your spirit, which knows no limits and can manifest instantaneously.​​​

Much more than a course or seminar, Manifest Money Now! is a potent and driving life philosophy with the power to help you reinvent your reality.
The Manifest Money Now! philosophy was created by best-selling author and clairvoyant Debra Lynne Katz and successful intuitive specialist Krishanti, who both personally used the meditations and techniques presented in this course to shift their lives into gear, making money doing what they love and leading the lives they once only dreamed of.

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Activate Your Psychic Super Powers
Manifest Money Now! is the ultimate spiritual, energy-based guide to attracting money and living the life you always dreamed was possible, but never knew just how to achieve. Everything on this physical plane is connected to energy, and Manifest Money Now! gives you all the tools you need to align yourself with the energy of money and self-fulfillment. Creating money is not just about manifesting dollar bills to satisfy material wants. It’s about claiming your power and giving yourself the opportunity to reach your goals, live your dreams, and lead the life you truly desire, without sacrificing all of your time, your ideals, or your physical and spiritual being just to make a buck.​
​In order to manifest money and live your dreams, you must take a leap of faith and make a dramatic shift in your life, leaving behind your old, outdated and ineffective patterns of resistance, so you can discover a new, richer and more fulfilling existence. If this sounds like the life you want to lead, then Manifest Money Now! is a course you simply can’t afford NOT to take advantage of. With Manifest Money Now!, Debra and Krishanti will teach you super-powerful techniques to magnetize wealth into your life. Each lesson in this comprehensive 8-week program is designed to help you shift your energetic frequency through powerful energy healing meditations, writing exercises, and a variety of proven clairvoyant visualization techniques that can be used every day.
Stop running on the same old treadmill, watching your lifelong dreams fade into the background. Take charge of your destiny and begin creating the life you really want to live. Start today by enrolling in Manifest Money Now! and develop the skills you need to attract money into your life.
You'll be sent your downloadable 10 meditation audio course within 24 hours!

Highlights include:​​


• Clarifying your money-related goals.

• Identifying your roadblocks to creating money.

• Healing your spirit-body connection so  you can manifest with ease.


• Creating alignment in all areas of your life.

• Blasting through subconscious money-related limitations.

• Healing the negative influences that others hold over your ability to succeed.

• Manifesting within the organizations with which you work.

• Separating yourself from the “gloom and doom” financial outlook of the economy.
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