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Debra's PK Blog Post #1

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The following includes multiple Blog Posts Related to My PK Mind Body Practice. I started this on another site and just transferred all posts here.

BLOG POST ONE – First Attempt at Intentional Macro PK on January 11, 2108


This is my first blog post documenting my attempts at intentional, Macro PK. (I shall define Macro PK as opposed to Micro PK in another Post). Before bed, I decided to try to flip the light switch with using only the powers of my mind. I decided to use the method I have read that Ingo Swann used when he influenced the manometer at Stanford Research Institute. (See Press release below) and also when he influenced the thermometer in an experiment with Gertrude Stein (see Blog Post Number 16, re: Gertrude Schmeidler’s PK effects Upon Continuously Recording temperature Article. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research Volume 67 – October 1973 – Number 4). Basically he didn't know what to do so he peered into these devices as if he were remote viewing them, meaning he wanted to truly understand what the mechanisms inside looked like. He did also hold the idea he wanted to influence them in the background of his mind but in the foreground he was going to describe the inner mechanisms/workings of these and sketch them. It was then well documented he had a strong effect (again I will write more about this later). So for my Mind/Body Class with Dr. Christine Simmonds Moore I decided I would take up a new, ongoing practice for the duration of the semester at least, trying daily, or nightly, as the case may be, to influence something in my environment that would normally need physical manipulation but with the use of my mind, will, or energetic body, what ever that may mean.


So last night I lay in bed and I focused on the light switch to my left. I imagined the switch in the down position because it was turned off and then kept imagining I was raising the switch in an upwards direction. While I did this I attempted to remote view it. I was getting a lot of imagery about the outside of it (which of course I already know basically what it looks like but I was finding myself noticing curves and screws I don't usually think about but still, this is not really about accurately describing anything as this is not a remote viewing exercises except i am using remote viewing in partnership with my intention to produce PK effects as a means to a PK, not as an end to demonstrate remote viewing for this particular project.


After a few minutes I was feeling tired and also a discombobulated feeling I sometimes get when i am trying to project myself out of my body (which I was not intentionally trying to have an OBE, just I guess I was sending my self to the light switch about 10 feet away to try to have the PK effect). About 10 minutes into this attempt I began to feel something happening in my solar plexus (third chakra). It was somewhat of a pulling and burning feeling. At this point I fell asleep and at sometimes soon afterwards I had a semi lucid, moving dream. Im not sure if I was flying or just moving but I became conscious at the downstairs level of my house, floated up the stairs, and then observed and touched the light switches on the wall. In the dream I observed there were multiple switches on the same plate (which there are), and thought how there are actually more switches on the single plate then I realized when I was awake and attempting PK. When I woke up I went and looked at the switches. There are three switches both on the same plate in my bedroom and also downstairs. Im not positive which switch I was looking at in the dream. Also of course since I pass by and use these every day this is not anything that would be considered extraordinary, its just when I was doing the PK exercise consciously at least I had forgotten there was more then one switch on the same plate, I had envisioned them separated. So this dream reminded me of how they actually do look.

Plan for next PK Practice

I think I will repeat this exercise tonight again and see what happens. I think i need to become very clear though which switch actually works the light as I am not sure. one works the fan and one works the other dimmer light that is highlighting a crawl space at the top of the ceiling. So Im going to get clear about these since I wasn't last night. Im also going to see if I can do anything with the solar plexus sensation if it happens again.



MARCH 10th 1973 announced “it is conducting an experimental program in the field of psycho energetic effects….In the preliminary work, Ingo Swann apparently demonstrated an ability to increase and decrease at will the magnetic field within a superconducting magnetic shield.

BLOG POST 2 - Second PK Attempt on January 13, 2018

Wow! OK so that "Wow" is not at all about being successful during my second attempt with the actual end goal of producing a PK effect, yet! What it is about is what I learned, and other internal and possibly mediumistic/telepathic things that happened during my second attempt. Keep in mind that while I am new to having a regular, disciplined practice of PK (which is completed unguided except by my reading of the subject) I am not new to clairvoyance, telepathy, mental mediumship, energy, dreaming, etc. I have never been particularly successful with trying to produce OBE's either outside of usually dreaming Im having an OBE after falling asleep immediately after trying to have one. So I'd say last night's attempt was kind of on par with that type of thing. But lets start at the beginning

It was pretty late as I had been working on creating this blog site. I'd say about 2 am. My spouse, Danny was not in bed yet. So I laid there and decided my "target" would be the very large ceiling fan that is about 20 feet above the bed and about 15 feet away from where my head would be. I understand those who know anything about PK would be telling me to start with something small like trying to influence a random number generator (RNG), or very light like trying to move a paper clip or one of those spinning things some PK enthusiasts make and then put under glass. How ever that totally doesn't interest me at the moment. I know Ted Owens (discussed in Jeffrey Mishlove's (2000) "the PK Man" supposedly created huge weather effects and physical mediums for 200 years have produced or been associated with phenomena including furniture flying across the room and objects levitating and spinning. Of course there have been plenty of poltergeist activity documented in research articles by Bill Roll (former professor from my university), and many others including some people I personally know. So this is why I say if others can do big things (whether they have some extra spiritual help or not, why can't I?).

So that's why I chose to work on the ceiling fan for a while.

Method - Setting Criteria for Success:

It was a little dark and I started off with out my glasses and realized right away that if I was going to even be able to observe an effect two things would have to happen. One would be that I needed to wear my glasses to do this (yeah that was a hard one!) and the other thing is that I would need at least half a rotation, no micro movements. So even if I think the fan is moving back and forth a bit (note it does not appear to move at all and there are no windows open (we have no screens on the windows and we are in Georgia with a lake in the back so rarely open them) but the heat is on coming from vents) that will not count because it could just be tricks of my eye. But if I were to see a fan blade rotating so it passed the pole connecting it to the ceiling and moved beyond that (meaning it would have to move about two feet, this would count as a success, although having it spin would be ideal.

Remote viewing the fan mechanisms

Keeping with my rationale presenting in Blog Post Number One, based on Swann's comments about his successful PK intentional effects (he writes about unintentional ones as well) I am trying to use very informal remote viewing processes as a strategy to activate the PK effect. So knowing very little about anything mechanical including ceiling fans, I attempted to clairvoyantly meditate on the mechanisms that cause the fan to rotate. This got a bit boring and I had some distractions here or there so then I started to imagine I was touching it in order to get information about its shape and feel. Suddenly at some point an intruding visual flashed in my mind showing my hands tied behind my back. Given Ive done thousands of hours of clairvoyant related work, while I know a psychologist reading this might have a hey day with my mental health, any one who actually does this work for a while would know the signs of an intruding image as opposed to one being generated internally. So this was the case as in someone or something generated this. I was suspicious, not knowing is this trying to get me to stop the approach of imaginal touching of the fan or is this trying to help me as in saying not the best approach? Still I then decided to change things up as I wouldn't want to be touching a fan that was about to move anyway.

At this point I started to imagine the fan spinning, very rapidly (after some initial uncertainty about which way to visualize it spinning). After doing this for only a minute my body suddenly got super hot and a moderately intense and odd feeling type of pain where I had none before spread from what I'd say was either in the center of my head towards the front eye region, and maybe a little higher. This concerned me a bit so I ceased my efforts for a minute but then started them up with visualize the fan spinning. Again the pain was there and a lot of heat. Next I heard a voice in my head speaking another language, maybe German? which is highly unusual! It was a low male voice and it sounded a bit like when the voice speaks german at the start of that famous rock song (can't recall the name will find out and insert in here late - like when he says "Guetan Wonderstock" but those weren't the same exact words I heard just similar deep voice very loud tone and it was about two sentence worth). This was a bit unexpected as it was certainly not a sweet angelic sounding voice and while telepathy is very common for me in my readings with people and remote viewing sessions, rarely does it come in a foreign language, even when i read people from other countries.

Then I fell asleep. I woke up around 8:30 am and started up my practice again of seeing the fan spinning and also this time clairvoyantly tuning into the mechanisms that cause it to go on between the light switch on the wall (the same one I focused on for exercises #1). The fan has a light operated by switch number 2 on the wall panel of switches, and number 3 operates the fan. Then Danny my spouse went into cuddling mode and it got difficult to continue. (I didn't tell him what I was doing, not because he'd care it was PK but he thinks I don't get enough rest and that when Im in bed I should either be sleeping or paying attention to him, poor guy!). Anyway he then decided to get up and he gave me an eye mask to wear since a lot of light was coming into the room and he thought I was going to go back to sleep. I wasn't sure if I should wear an eye mask when trying to produce PK but I put it on and imagined the fan spinning.

Next I fell right asleep and I had a dream about being outside at first with my dog out in a large area. Suddenly the dream switched and I was looking at my TV screen (which in reality is only about 5 feet from my fan hanging high up on the wall so its been in my field of vision when I look up at the ceiling fan all night). In the dream I was seeing some kind of scene I can't recall, pretty non descript but there were some moving images on the screen and I was like OK what's the big deal there are just some basic shapes and movement but that is probably just shadows and then it hit me, wait a second, I am still wearing my eye mask, and I can see the screen as if my eyes are open. In the dream I did then make sure my eyes were closed and the mask was still on and I could still see the screen as if it was as clear as day although again what was playing on it was not emphasized.

Then I realized I was in a dream still, got majorly excited that I was having a lucid dream, and woke up. I then attempted to continue my PK attempts at the fan for a few more minutes when I suddenly got the image of a group of faces and people, then saw legs walking up my stairs. I also heard a sentence repeated twice whose words I can't recall exactly (I can't recall if the sentence preceded the image or came after but I know it was close in time - I was teetering on the edge of being awake) but I heard very distinct words not to me but as if people were talking about me saying something to the effect of "we are going to assist her". Or "We need to be helping her" or something like that. I wish I had written it down because the words were extremely clear. I got a little self conscious at this point as I wasn't fully dressed and then ceased my activities and fell asleep again. When I woke up I felt a shakiness as I might feel if I hadn't eaten for a long time only I actually ate before bed the night before.


Sorry to be so detailed but the purpose of this blog for me is to document everything, much more so then to be entertaining or interesting to anyone who happens to read this (not even sure if this will be for the public to read yet). I became aware as I was doing this second PK attempt of 3 things:

1. I have little idea what Im doing and am just really messing around at this point (beyond just trying to do what Swann did when he didn't know what he was doing - this is based on his personal comments he wrote in published and unpublished notes, letters, and a transcript between himself and Duane Elgin found in his archives which I have been studying for close to 1.5 years) .

2. I realized its completely OK to not know what I'm doing. It's completely OK to have no PK effect for quite a while, whether it takes days, weeks, months, even if I am blogging about this publicly. I make no claims I can do this or know how to do this other then I had a few seeming successful attempts in the past when I didn't do this regularly (I'll write about those at a later date). This is a very freeing attitude as it really allows me to just play around but as you can see Im trying to do my playing in a somewhat systematic way. I will also be studying materials and sharing these in my blog post here in days or weeks to come.

3. There does seem to be some unexpected seemingly mediumship type activity as in:

- Guy with a deep German voice

- Group of people coming up the stairs

- Voice stating that "we are going to assist her" or "we need to assist her" (although this could have just been telepathy from some well meaning people around me, not totally sure but suspect it could be some spiritual help.

4. Unexpected Lucid Dreaming - Now this may just be because I have done my PK in bed before falling asleep - so I will also need to see what happens when I do it at other times, in other room, but basically had a lucid dream related to the activity I had been doing now two nights in a row.

Plan for next PK session:

Continue tonight at least as same last two nights. Also maybe study fan and light switch mechanisms with logical mind a bit more? Not sure if this getting to know them should be done just with RV or with Googling it? Also thinking I should use my intuitive abilities to tune in and see what will help. Also how much do I try to do this or ask for spiritual, mediumistic help ( as in physical mediumship) and if i do the latter do I need to change my conditions? We'll see!

BLOG POST 3 - The Ocean Approach - and Possible Unintentional PK

It’s been about two weeks or so since I last posted, however I've been practicing my PK and preparing for it on a daily basis, quite often upon falling asleep and waking up. I've been keeping notes as well. I'm still very much in a stumbling around in the dark lets see what works mode. I've decided to look for clues as to how to best proceed through two different ways of knowing - through intuitive based sources (including my own intuition and others) and through studying various people/cases who are considered to be the best evidence for PK in the parapsychology literature. I have not at all abandoned the Ingo Swann approach of remote viewing that which I want to influence, I am still in the process of trying this out through more of a distant non local approach to a more merging being one with the object as I observe it approach.

Update: I have not been successful with impacting what I am intending to impact, which includes, turning on the lights in the bedroom when they are off, moving the ceiling fan, and some other assorted tasks which I haven't put as much time into, like moving a screw with just PK. I also spent alot of time trying to get the fire alarm to go off in the bedroom next to the ceiling fan. I'll explain what happened:

Intuitive input:

So around the time the above was happening, I invited one of my students during our clairvoyant class, who needed a partner, to look at what would help my PK practice. She only had a few minutes before she had to leave.

She said that she sees a soft flower gently moving behind a too rigid box. The box is my approach which isn’t working. It’s like an ocean or pond, and I’ve been trying to drive a boat across the pond but really what is needed to get into the water, be in the water. Heat and warmth and body relaxation is good. That warm tells me Im on track and what I need to move into. Then I need the object to move into the space I’m in, bring it into the water with me and we both need to be in the same space riding the waves together. The wave is bringing me towards and away but riding it. Joining the field of motion with the object, we join together. I asked her what do I need to focus on as my object, she said even before I asked my question to her about PK she was looking at a metal spoon. Something about my body being warm but the object is cooler.

This same day I asked another friend, to use her mediumship skills to help me. She texted me the next morning that she had not gotten anything consciously, but she fell asleep and had a dream that we were in the Ocean and I was sliding into it with this big water slide. She said she was admiring me in the dream for being so brave.

OCEAN APPROACH #1 - So that night I tried to impact the fire alarm with what Im calling "the

ocean approach". I merged with it and spread myself out

I was anxious about merging with an actual physical object. But tried anyway.

Psychological/intuitive impact -

I Saw very crystal clear images of people’s faces, man with glasses, white beard balding, another man that was large and rather homely, also heard a short message something to the effect of the words (we’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t). something like that. I also had a crystal clear image of a mechanical oject with some bolds and lots of metal angles, don’t know what this was but this imagery is way clearer then I typically get in the course of my clairvoyant work or my remote viewing work so that is very interesting!

I woke up with head feeling weird, dreams of people coming into place where I was sleeping. I had a sense of Danny and he said he was uncomfortable all night, bad dreams, irritated with environment of room (he didn’t know what I was doing.

(note the thermostat broke last night downstairs)


I attempted to tune in intuitively to get more understanding of what the ocean is really representing as I don't feel like I have a grasp of that. I then had the realization the ocean isn’t about merging with an object, its being in the vibration of life with objects also there, not going to it.

It was at this point I decided to move from the lights and ceiling fan to trying to set off the fire alarm, that is next to the ceiling fan, and a few feet away from the light switch. These are all above or near my bed and all these involve attempts at PK from lying in bed, at night and sometimes continuing upon awakening.


Two things happened directly following attempting to set off the fire alarm. The house alarm system that was next to the light switch I was trying to influence (and just a few feet from the fire alarm and ceiling fan) that had been deactivated for the past 5 months since we moved into this house activated on its own and started working, for the entire house. I didn't realize this till the next day when Danny asked me how I had gotten it working and when I told him I had no idea what he was talking about he said I must have done something because now the whole alarm system is activated through the hosue. But I had not. I had not even opened the control panel for the past several months. Now when ever a door is opened downstairs it beeps loudly several times, which is annoying but I guess its good to have that notice if we ever need it. I don't think its attached to the security company thought. The other thing that happened was the heater went out downstairs. It was out for about 5 days when the temperature dropped down to about 10 degrees, cold for Georgia. The heater repair guy came out and discovered a switch had been turned off in the attic for the downstairs heater so he just turned it on. He said he didn't know how this got turned off without someone turning it off. This attic is close to the bedroom where I've been practicing turning on lights and moving the ceiling fan with my PK. Of course these both could be coincidences, just can't tell.

Blog Post #4 Update on Ocean Approach and Nina Kalinga.

This week I have been doing two things: Working with the Ocean Approach, and researching Nina Kalinga to try to figure out what she was doing.Nina Kalagina (born July 30, 1926; died April 11, 1990) is one of the most well documented and convincing cases of Macro PK - studied for decades by dozens of scientists. There were many films made of her performing movement of objects under glass boxes, under controlled situations.

I read several sources about her and plan to read more:

Researcher (and former skeptic) James Conrad does an excellent job with answering the skeptics arguments, which clearly are not based on them having studying her or knowing what extensive research was done to ensure she was not cheating in any way (as is typical!).

And I watched this video and others:

It's interesting because in this video they talk about how the Russian scientists don't believe its mind over matter but "mind over force fields". That PK is highest during sun spot activities and that its about being one with all in the environment (thats in alignment with my revised "Ocean Theory"!).

Some of the sources said that Nina when younger could keep her arms by her side but as she got older she would have her arms up. i noticed that her arms and hands look very tense so I started to do these body movements when near light switches. As I tense up my arms as she does it takes a lot of energy, like I feel like I've had a work out from doing this motion. No effects though. I tried this on some screws on a table. This may be in direct opposition to the ocean approach though. Im calling this the "Nina Kinetic Approach". Although I really need to read up on this more, as I haven't heard much mention about what she said she was doing when tensing up her muscles so I'm purely going on what it is it looks like she is doing, not on what she says she is doing at this point.

I did start to tune into her intuitively for just a few minutes before falling asleep.

Even before I got any imagery I felt strong pulsations in my own right leg and some other bodily sensations including a headache and some heat in my foot. The first image that came was of her actually winking at me. This surprised me. I also kept seeing her as if she was hitting something with force. Saw this many times (even though this is not seen in her videos at all). So Im thinking this could be a useful technique like she somehow hits things. I also saw her holding a heart. (during this session, I was also reminded of a story of a man who married a women who was in a freak show at a circus, like as in Barnum, married and protected but not necessarily because he loved her but she loved him. Wasn't sure if this meant her husband or maybe the researcher, Eduard Naumov, who studied her for years? Like was she in love with him?, not sure, and Im sure its not relevant to my study, but of course I'd get this).

(I learned the next day upon further reading that she had stopped a frogs heart in a solution, she stopped a skeptics heart (supposedly) and she died of a heart attach at age 62).

I went back into another clairvoyant reading on Nina trying to get understanding about the heart. I had an image of an eye dropper of something being put into the heart. I had no idea what this means and intend to go back into session again and explore all this some more. The thing that makes me hesitate is I feel my own heart jumping around when ever I look at any heart images related to her.

Im still working on light switches, incorporating physical movements as if i'm exercising and hitting the light switch, from off to on and on to off, kind of like in keeping with things I’ve seen about martial artists using exercises and energy. Im doing this again because in my clairvoyant reading I saw images of her doing this like making a violent hitting motion, even though she is not at all making this motion in her videos, where Im seeing more of a tensing kinetic effect of her holding her arms tensely.

So I'm vacillating between three methods now: The hitting method, the kinetic tensing arm method and still the ocean method.

Update on the ocean method and a funny situation

So last night Jan 23, I was watching Nina videos, trying to get Danny interested. He fell asleep. I started to go into another attempt at tuning into Nina clairvoyantly but then I saw an image of an ocean, like someone going into it. (I wasn't thinking about the ocean so was surprised it was popping up again). So I decided to go into a meditation to explore the ocean. To be one with it. I was thinking of how when we are up in our Cessna 172, its like we are flying through an ocean as the sky has currents. I was also thinking how the fish are all connected to everything else in the ocean, you can't disconnect them from the environment. I was also thinking this isn't just important to PK but the entire "mind/body problem" of how to think about it in terms of dualism, monism, pan psychism, etc. So I probably was meditating on the ocean and being in it for about an hour. I fell asleep, then woke up a few hours later and started meditating on the ocean again when I heard an alert vibrating on my Iphone. I picked it up and it was from FEMA - stating there was a Tsunami Warning! It was a warning for Hawaii (My 19 year old son lives in Hawaii so have it programmed for there). I then found out there was a 7.8 earthquake outside of Alaska and there were Tsunami alerts all through out the West coast too. They ended up cancelling them. But it was just an odd coincidence that here I was mediating on the ocean all night and there was this massive Tsunami scare and alert.

Danny asked me last night why I want to do PK. I told him Im not sure. I want to just prove to myself I can do it, I don't need to prove to anyone else (I don't think, we''ll see once I prove to myself). ....

(OMG!, Im hearing an emergency broad cast alert sounds coming from the other room right now while I type! Must be on my phone? - Im freaking out...hang on be right back...OK that is very weird - just checked all our phones, not seeing any sign of an alert. Danny said he didn't hear it. It was loud. OK, that's weird.

Time for bed....This practice is seriously cutting into my sleep and I've got class tomorrow at 10 am so i need to just sleep tonight and not mess with this stuff.

Further reading:

Blog Post # 5 - Telepathic Effect of PK Practice, Displaced PK and negative consequences.... 2-27-18

This week I've been going through some heavy duty emotional stuff around an incident that happened in one of my Ph.d classes. One of my instructors did something rather hair brained and inconsiderate to the whole class. It really bothered me and I went and talked to his boss. Basically it had to do with him bringing in a coffee mug that said "FU_K OFF" on it in very large letters. He didn't just bring it, I saw him very carefully set it on the small conference room table (we only have about 8 people in class) and I was sitting just about 6 feet directly away from him. He carefully positioned it so the letters would be facing in an outward facing direction, and then pushed it forward. It bothered me because I couldn't tell if this was just for everyone in general, or for someone, such as perhaps myself in particular and my friend-classmate who had actually be the victim of another classmate in another class the semester before run by the same teacher who had totally gone off on her with profanities such as this. The class evaluations had just come out and I was sure those in my cohort from last semester hadn't given the best ones and so I was thinking this was perhaps the reason this instructor had gotten angry and now seemed to be carefully positioning the mug reading "FU_K Off" (with the F word clearly spelled out). I had tried to ask him about this by saying, "Is that supposed to be subliminal?" But he responded with "Subliminal?" making a face that to me at least said, there is nothing subliminal about this!. This teacher is also known for his research in communications and conversational analysis so there was no way he couldn't have known what he was doing, especially since he is not just a teacher but in a high position of authority and power within the University system. So I was very disturbed by this and given I am practicing PK, thought I'd try my hand at incorporating my PK into the class to ensure that the mug was not an ongoing issue.

So I just started to visualize the mug sitting on the table in class for the following week, but seeing it breaking apart. I wasn't sure if it would just break on its own or if something would cause it to break. I put in the intention that it would not hurt anyone in the process of breaking, and would be able to easily clean up. So I did this, visualizing the mug breaking for a few days. Well, the teacher found out that people were upset about the mug and he sent an email to apologize. In his apology, he wrote something to the effect of: "When we come back to class, lets have a mug smashing ceremony. We can all take turns with smashing the mug". I was very surprised and amused! Was this just a co-incidence or had my daily visualizations of the mug breaking apart somehow entered into his consciousness on a telepathic level? I had been aware of checking him out on a psychic level a couple times to ascertain his motivations and intentions around bringing this mug to class in the first place and was it possibly that my visualizations of the mug breaking had some how entered into his subconscious awareness giving him the idea? Or was it just coincidence? (I don't usually just psychic spy on my teachers or others but in an extreme situation like this with such a power imbalance and odd behavior by someone who was acting in hostile manner in front of an entire class and either not aware of it or feeling like he could get away with it due to his power position, I felt I needed to understand what was going on as it felt like my entire future of my phd program could be at stake here).

Some students in class wrote back immediately that they would not participate in this awkward scenario and activity and the teacher wrote back to say never mind he was just joking.

So then here is the next thing: I was still irked about what was going on. So I decided when I came to class even if the mug wasn't there I would still play around with my PK and have the lights go on and off. When I got to the building that morning however to my surprise the chair of the department was waiting for me. He said, "Please come into my office". I walked into his over sized office he had recently inherited and noticed it was kind of dark in there, however, a second later the light came on. I turned around to see a startled look on his face. "The light turned on" he said. "Yeah, OK I thought, so what?" . He then said, "The light is not automatic. It doesn't just turn on by itself without hitting a light switch but you walked in and it came on...boy you are powerful!". "Well....", I responded, I have been practicing my PK! I was quite tickled by the idea that I may have had an impact on the lights, and held onto it as he advised that because I had issued a complaint about the instructors F off mug I needed to now go talk to the Dean. While I can't share what was said, things transpired in a way where I was asked to not come back into the classroom at all (the teacher advised the dean he didn't feel "safe" in my presence (supposedly due to the fact I had told on him without talking to him about it first) and instead was invited to finish the class as an independent study with someone else. I wondered, was it really because I had gone to his supervisor, or was he subconsciously aware I had used some "mo jo" to try to eliminate the hurtful and disruptive mug from our classroom? This was not the result I was seeking but I was resolved to accept the consequences, even though it seemed as if there is something unfair about it all.

The point of this story is, rather then the light going on and off in the intended classroom (which I was doing partially because I was irritated and partially just due to needing something to put my PK skills to the test to) the light seemed to go on at the exact time I would have walked into my classroom, just instead down the hall. Also emotions were quite high at this point given the seriousness of the issues. Now Im not saying it wasn't just coincidence about the light going on when I walked in the room, its just what are the chances that would happen (remember I didn't notice it, the department chair did, and he didn't know I was practicing my PK). Also the whole thing with the teacher writing about how he is going to smash the mug on the same day I've been projecting the mug to be smashed was weird. I felt like there was a lot of negativity going on, a lot of emotion on everyone's end, and things were very tense and didn't go well. Did my introducing PK-telepathic influences into the situation make things worse? Well, they certainly didn't seem to help much except maybe bringing the whole issue to the forefront to be dealt with. I don't feel like my PK practice is having beneficial effects however on a mental or emotional level like my past meditation efforts involving self healing have. Just the opposite!

Research shows that poltergeist activity often centers are a subject or subjects that are going through a lot of volatile situations and emotions (Braude, ). That being said usually the PK phenomena usually starts up on its own without anyone trying to make it happen. Im just wondering if dabbling in all this PK isn't making things just more intense, if nothing else for me and my emotional reactivity and sensitivity?

Blog Post #6 - Revisiting the Ted Owens tapes.

So some people may have seen my interview with Dr. Jeff Mishlove on the subject of the PK man - Ted Owens.

You can see it here:

He had also interviewed Dr. Stephen Braude whose books I'll mention in another post. But the first interview can be found here:

Basically here is what happened with my experiences with listening to the Ted Ownes tapes the Jeff.

Ted Owens was a guy who believed he could control the weather with the help of an odd cast of alien characters, including ones who closely resembled praying mantis. He felt they had had to chance the structure of his brain for him to do this work!

Jeff Mishlove studied him for years and wrote a book called the PK man which you can find here:

Ted Owens also wrote his own book, which you can find here:

Although you might think the book written by himself would be ideal, I really felt Jeffs book was way more coherent, well written and descriptive so if you only are going to get one, I suggest going with "The PK man".

At some point in the early 90's I think it was, Jeff Mishlove and his friends got together for a week of training with Ted. Its clear Ted was not exactly an accomplished trainer or anything, but he tried his best to combine a mixture of hypnotic techniques, mixed with information about the aliens he supposedly worked with to influence the weather - which sometimes resulted in positive conditions of saving people (as in ending droughts) and in other circumstances creating storms or accidents that seemed to hurt or kill people. Ted wasn't trying to teach people how to hurt others, but to harness our inherent powers, with the help of these beings, to manifest what ever we'd like in our life. So When I saw Jeff I shared my own interest in developing my PK powers and he offered to let me listen to the tapes from the class that had been recorded. I was thrilled to say the least

A bit about listening to the tapes. I had the mp3's on my computer. The very first time I listened I immediately was inundated with so many startling and bizarre visuals. They seemed like what I'd call astral type entity images. I saw an angry dog with his back turned to me. HE turned his head to look at me. It was weird. I also saw lots of other weird looking creatures. None of this was positive and that worried me as I have ALWAYS done everything in my power to avoid exposure to negativity and negative entities. Still, my curiosity to hear what was on the tapes got the best of me. I enjoyed hearing the other students comments and Ted Owens was a very entertaining character whom I felt an affinity for. So for several weeks I would listen to the tapes every night but I always seemed to fall asleep about a minute into each meditation portion, and no matter what I did I could not maintain a conscious position. Around this time I started getting pretty bad headaches and feeling all this pressure on my head. I was also feeling scattered and discombobulated. I decided it was time to go for my annual clairvoyant reading and I decided to go with a long time clairvoyant whom I didn't know too well but whose work I was familiar with. We got together on the phone. Before I could even tell him that I wanted some help with my headaches he started to speak. He told me that he was worried I'd think he was very strange but that he was seeing some energy and disturbing images around my head. He saw a being that he said looked like a praying mantas but wasn't quite a praying mantas, more like an alien. This alien was seriously messing with my energy field on top of my head, and the clairvoyant equated this with a type of energetic brain surgery. He felt I had somewhat allowed this in but saw I wasn't sure if I really wanted this alteration to take place and in his opinion it didn't look helpful. He felt alot of this wasgoing on without my sconscious awareness and it did have the effect of me going somewhat unconscious at time. I knew right away what he was referring to of course and told him I was making the decision right then and there to tell this being all bets were off, I was not in agreement to this and it was time for him to go. I decided I would not listen to the tapes any more and for the next year or so did not.

Another interesting event was that about a year later I asked an experienced student of mine to do a reading for me. This time I wanted the focus to be on how school looked as I was to be entering my Ph.D. program soon. They say it was not going to be an easy ride, but I'd have some help. As they were envisioning a path for me, looking down it further, closer to the start, they say a guy off to one side. They saw a rainbow next to him (which is interesting as Ted Owens had the rainbow as his sy,bol and I had some earlier rainbow experiences when studying him that made me connect with him. The clairvoyant also saw an image of a UFO floating above him and had the sense that who ever this guy was he was saying he was there to help me even though Id din't realize he had an interest in doing so or wasn't consciously calling on him.

PRACTICE FOR THE WEEK - So I decided I'd revisit listening to the tapes given at this point not a whole lot is helping with me influencing what I want to influence. But of course I don't want to connect with disturbing entities so I felt a bit conflicted but decided to listen. Of course I was wide awake and just a few minutes in I fell asleep so I didn't hear. I woke up in the morning before my husband and worked for several minutes attempting to spin the ceiling fan. I didn't feel successful as I was conflicted about do I focus on the mechanism in the fan or do I focus on the mechanism in the wall switch that turns it on and off or do I not worry about either? for me its a perpetual issue of what do I exactly focus on? In this case I called upon Ted and his alien friends to step in and do the work for me as in my reading it is clear that many cases of PK activity happen around Spirits - not necessarily aliens but definitely disembodied spirits - and in fact Uri geller attributes his PK powers to a group of alien beings! So maybe I don't need to do anything but call upon some beings who can help.

The thing is I have no interest in engaging in negative entities any more then do I have an interest in engaging with negative living people, so how do I ensure the spirits who can do these things have my and everyone elses best interest in mind when I am not exactly getting that feeling? Maybe I do need to focus on some deceased Catholic saints or even Jesus or mosses who could part the red sea. Yes I think that's what I need to do - really look for some beings (alien is OK if they are friendly, or divine holy beings) who can in fact help me with this process.

Suffice it to say I didn't have success, but I did fall asleep and have a lucid dream where I lifted up, started to fly, got excited that I was about to fly and could do anything, and then dropped back into my body and woke up. This has happened at other points in my practice as well.

Blog Post #7 - Calling on Ted Owens spirit and creepy alien hand.

Before I went to bed I working on influencing the lights and ceiling fan by again visualizing the mechanism inside them. Nothing seemed to be happening and so then I just clairvoyantly visualized Ted Owens (see last blog post and said, "can you help me do this?. I then had a sense of something coming into my window at some point as I started to fall asleep but wasn't sure what this was.. I then fell asleep and for about the 4th time in relation to my PK practice had a lucid dream where I was looking at lights and shapes with my eyes closed forming and noting things and my visions changing. All these happen after I did a PK session.

Also did get a creepy alien hand at some point in all this float in front of my eyes when I least expected it, but I don't recall at what point that was.

Blog Post #8 - Trying to Move Children's Blocks, seeing at atomic level, going into a dream.

Recently I had a clairvoyant reading from a friend who told me they saw me having success with moving children's wooden blocks with letters and pictures printed on them. I was amazed at this given I had only two weeks prior found a plastic bag filled with children’s wooden blocks printed on them and had bought them, feeling silly but thinking maybe I could use them for remote viewing practice. Now I've as being told these would be ideal for my PK practice. Then sometime later one day I woke up and found one of the blocks near my bed side table. I do not recall putting it here. I picked it up and it had a rainbow as one picture on one side. You may recall I mentioned the rainbow was Ted Owens symbol. Now I am not going to say it just magically appeared here, but the very odd thing is I have absolutely no memory of picking this one out of the bag (the bag has been kept in my office) and putting it next to my bed. That being said, that could be something I'd do and maybe I just did it when I was rushing around and don't recall. So I decided to try to move it with my mind. I practiced for about 10 minutes. I attempted to see it at the atomic level, not knowing what that might look like. At some point I started to drift off to sleep and I was awoken by an image of very fast movement which I think was supposed to be the atoms moving fast. I have never tried to look at things on an atomic level and I do think I've heard it said that things move and here was a first hand picture of that so that was cool. However it didn't produce a PK effect...Until I fell asleep in my dream:

Here is my dream (I recorded it in my dream journal and am transcribing it here:

Dream: I am upstairs in Melson Hall and have time before my meeting with Dr. Reber today (I do in fact for real have a meeting with him). I stop into see Christine to discuss the EEG equipment for PK practice. We are sitting on her sofa and there is this music playing so loud we can't hear each other well. Im like why doesn't she turn that down but she doesn't feel like she can ask whoever is playing it so loud to turn it down. Its coming from another office. I go out and come back in and am told she doesn't run the lab with the equipment any more. Im now confused as I realize Im now talking to a shorter women, way short with a German accent. Im like who is this I have to go but she tries to hug me and get me to stay like she loves me so much and Im kind of confused and freaked out as in where is Christine? and who is this lady? I go out an almost walking into a wrong office.Chris Aanastoos is around and I consider talking to him. I see clocks and I am worried about the recent time change. Im supposed to meet with Jeff at 11:30 (which in real life Im supposed to meet him) and it is 12:10 and I realize I don't have my purse. I come across items lying on a bench/platform. At first I think they are mind and I go and Im like "Oh my God someone got my purse and things, emptied it and my wallet, then took my purse". I see some stuff is mine but when I look close up I see its not my wallet as the wallet is smaller, but my brown skirt is there, I've had it for years and for some reason it is here rolled up, and Im like what is going on and I see my umbrella rolled up too lying there and then suddenly I see this moving towards me, on its own in PK fashion, just like in Nina Kalangina's films and I am so excited I scream really loud, maybe so there will be a witness and then I wake up really screaming and actually wake up Danny too. It wasn't that I was so scared as much as excited and shocked.

NOTE: Waking up I realize that emotionally it would be a shock to see something move. I felt the dream was kind of rehearsing me for this.

Also I went to talk to Jeff as planned (11:30) and when I got into his office Victoria was in there excitedly talking about how she had left her "pocketbook" (wallet/?Purse?) with money at the school She said she had been far away and had to drive back several hours as it was left in the open and she was relieved to have found it. So I think this must be what the first part of the dream was. Also this dream motivated me to go talk to Christine and go into the parapsychology lab to start looking at the EEG equipment that same day.

Blog Post #9 - Teleportation

Please keep in mind once again that unlike the progress and success I've seen over the past two and a half decades with my other psi related abilities such as clairvoyance, I am still feeling like Im flailing in the wind, just reaching for straws and anything else that might give me a clue as to how to proceed with my PK goals. So each week here I am doing the following: Im reading academic, scientific based literature on the subject; I am using my own intuitive faculties to "tune in" to try to access information about what will facilitate success and am making use of others intuitive faculties as well.

So last night I was feeling exhausted physically as Im not only finishing up a Ph.D program at University of West Georgia but Im teaching four classes of my own through the International School of Clairvoyance. So I decided to take a break from my academic work for an evening and just veg out. My way of vegging is to google some fun topics like "teleportation". I was very surprised and delighted to come across a teleportation physics study that was actually commissions by the U.S. Government and declassified! I realized that not only could I write a summary of it for an upcoming Mind Body Class Assignment where we have to summarize an article, but also felt there might be something

In this 88 page subcontracted report prepared for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFMC) at Edwards Airforce base in 2001 conducted by By Eric W. Davis of Warp Drive Metrics, Las Vegas, NV., a variety of types of teleportation are defined which range from those at the atomic-particle level to the human whole being level. The article both summarizes the present state of success with teleportation through summing up dozens of physics related articles, and also provides many theoretical summations explaining how the various types of teleportation have been or could possibly be accomplished. It is suggested that currently only teleportation at the atomic level has been successful, and even with this there is a certain level of “degradation” which is considered to be problematic. (These few experiments have been extremely challenging to carry out and very expensive). It is suggested therefore that teleportation of larger biological whole entities, including humans, would likely face this same degradation and that it in entirely unknown what type of impact there could be on that entities consciousness, as far as would the consciousness be transmitted in an intact manner as the body might?

Staring on page 65, the discussion moves from physics based theories to discussion of former Soviet, U.S., and Chinese attempts at teleportation. In the U.S. Uri Geller was observed bending spoons and metal objects that he had no physical contact with. In China, a number of highly controlled, successful PK experiments were conducted with “gifted children”. These experiments involved double blind controls and videotaping and other electronic monitoring that was able to track small objects such as pins, paperclips, bottles, and objects made out of paper and metal, as the children and gifted young adults moved these from within a sealed container to outside the container without any physical contact, often blindfolded. Some of the studies, which underwent successful replications, captured images of the objects as they passed through the container walls. Sometimes the signal disappeared momentarily at the moment of passage. While some of the movement occurred within a split second, other times it took several seconds to several minutes to accomplish this. These experiments were supposedly conducted under the observation of multiple scientists and written up in prominent Chinese journals and reports.

The relevance of this article-in depth report to mind body studies is that this has to do with the subject of intentionality and will between the connection between mind and its influence on the objects and the space in between. It centers on the question of the interaction between what is happening at the most basic units of physical matter (including the matter of the body) and its connection with the overall gestalt of the body as a whole and consciousness. Questions around can consciousness remain intact, can it be damaged if the body is altered through either physics based teleportation technology or unusual psi practices merging mind with matter, are also raised here. While this article is more focused on physics based concepts rather than psychological ones, the relationship between the gestalt and sum of the parts and which are in operation at any given time are paramount to the body mind question in terms of explaining various phenomena on both an epistemological level and an ontological one.

It is my own contention that ultimately until we fully understand the body mind connection we will not be about to fully harness and make use of all the potentials of the body mind. Fortunately, however, this lack of understanding doesn’t seem to completely negate phenomena from taking place. The “Chinese PK children” may or may not be acting under the guidance of informed researchers, but one thing is sure –when they move objects they are not personally concerning themselves with mind body or physics theories. What exactly are they doing at the moment their minds are impacting matter is not explained in this report, and I am presently in the process of seeking out the original writes ups, with the hope they have been translated into English. The fact the discussion of their phenomenological processes are completely omitted from discussion is sadly, typical in these types of studies and reports and in my opinion demonstrative of the reason we are not further along in our understanding of such phenomenon.


David, Eric W. (2003) Teleportation Physics Study Special Report, Warp Drive Metrics. Prepared for Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, Edwards Air Force Base, CA.



Well first of all, I felt that the idea that if this is something that Chinese children can do, then why the heck can't I? So all I needed to do was clairvoyantly tune into the Chinese kids to see what was it that they were in fact doing? How were they achieving this? So before bed I visualized the kids from the past and waiting for some visual information to arrive. I have to say only one image came in before I fell asleep. It was like a wind up toy moving on its own accord. I had a sense that to these kids, moving an object from inside a box to outside it with intention was on the same level as if you gave a kid a wind up toy soldier, and showed it that it could move and then that was the expectation. So upon waking a few hours later, I decided to move a children’s wooden block I had on my night

table stand, holding the expectation that the block was self-propeled; that it didn't take my energy or focus, but rather the block itself contained an inherent self moving mechanism that would simply be activated by me saying: Ok I am ready for you to move now. I watched it for about 10 minutes but to no avail, unfortunately. Ok back to the drawing board!

Blog Post # 10 - Putting attention only on object itself, not anything else.

So when my student/friend/webmaster was visiting me (Natalie) I got her hooked on PK practice.

I suspect she could be more successful then I've been simply because she is not quite as busy (although she is a nurse with an odd schedule). Also she runs triathlons so she naturally has a lot of energy, she has a lot of stamina, and terrific focus and she is half my age. Not sure but I just suspect these qualities can really help a person. (Doesn't mean Im giving up myself though!_.

She purchased and sent me an eBook by Sean McNamara, "defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method, which we summarized below.

Do it when rested, not hungry or need to pee, quiet space

- it takes a lot of practice apparently, he says there are different levels and the more you advance, the more time it takes .he said he was practicing 30min a day, and took like a 3 months for level 2 which i will explain

**You need to put attention on the object. Not your hands, or you head or on the energy. the position of your hands are important, not the focus on them. No attn to anywhere else but the object. If you put attnention on you head out your hands the energy will accumulate there but won't move anything and will cause a headache

Level 1:

-He suggest starting with something super light. He is suggesting a foil paper the length of a finger, the width as half your finger. The foil is folded in half laying on a needle. The needle will lay on a base like an eraser, soap... I used a piece of soap. Try not to breathe on it, lay it gently on the needle so it doesn't pierce. Point of the needle facing the foil. That is level 1 but my foil spun on its own so i went straight to level 2 where you put a glass on top of it to stop the air from moving it. This is harder to control when starting though so be patient

2- hand spread wide a part side to side of the object

3- focus your eyes on the object, with a light gaze, attn follows your focus, like driving, you look where you are going and head there.


- He suggests this exercise to practice intention before starting

- then put the intention that the object will move (not worrying about the direction or speed) only that it will move

- he discourages talking to it in your mind of "move" over and over as this takes energy, he suggests remembering the feeling of the quick impulse of right before you move your hand off the wall in the exercise and maintain that impulse steadily. This can create a non physical pressure in your mind. Kinda the same exertion feeling of trying to remember someone’s name

A trick is to Look at the object within your mind and tell it to move, see the feeling you get when you tell it to move, acquaint yourself with the feeling behind the word.

You can test the distance you need to have with your hands by moving it closer or apart and the object should move at certain distances. Keep it there when it moves. Keep your attention and intention there (A&I). It is just to become familiar with the behavior and watching it. Then move your hands away slowly until the connection breaks. Then go closer again. This will make you familiar with the typical objects response.

He suggests trying this for one ir 2 weeks until you get that connection. Half an hour a day. If you don't get the connection, then sit there for 5 minutes and meditate on your breathing to quiet your mind. The put you A&I back on the object! Doubt on you self is a major block. You can combine deep breathing with this experimentation.

After several weeks, if no movement with moving your hands, just place them there and keep them there, relax your body then use your breathing to quiet your mind

Just because it looks like nothing is happening doesn't mean its not.

When you finally gain control of the object, you will know what distance is needed to make connection, you will be able to affect the direction and speed of the movement

You will look at it as long as it takes for you to feel that it is a part of you, that there is no distance between you.

He suggests starting with this method and then exploring when you are successful on all 4 levels (ill tell you the other 2 when you succeed level 2, foil on a needle with a glass)

Basically, he talks about intention, attention and energy. He uses this example... You are in a room and the lights turn off. Your legs are your intention, you happen to have a flashlight which is your attention. The flashlight will show you the way to go, the legs, intention, will get you there and the energy will move on its own to the legs to get you there. Energy follows attention.

Meditate before.

If your eyes drift when you get more relax, that is fine, the mind still has the attention and intention to the object and knows its there. Your eyes are important, look at the object, see it's details, eventually they will go in a daze, that's ok.

If after 15 minutes no results, you can start exetending the top and the bottom of your breath longer without extending. If your thinking mind is active, keep your intention on the object but start visualising what is in the fridge to quiet the mind. use it for any tension building in your mind. If you start thinking into the object moving, you are no longer in order. you want to FEEL the object moving

anyways try that for now. to be continued

Natalie sent me a picture of a pin wheel under glass. I have tried this a couple years ago and it didn't work too well. I just feel like I don't want to use an object that other PK practitioners have used. I want to use an object only I use. She said when she tried a piece of tin foil it was too light so she moved to paper. I just feel like if Nina Kalangina can move heavier objects, so can I.

So from the above I decided to try moving a bottle of nail polish that’s on my bedside table. I really appreciate the direction to not put my attention on anything but the object, and conserve my energy by just being aware of the burst of energy that happens right before lifting ones hand or reaching for something. So I wont put attention in my hand, or anything else, just purely on the object, in this case a bottle of nail polish that I will try to move or knock over: Putting attention just on the object also seems to correlate with Ingo Swan’s approach of remote viewing the object. Its not about me its about the object. I’ll remember that. I’m still not sure if it matters to hold my hand up or if no need.

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