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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Spirit Communication

As I mention in my third book, Freeing the Genie Within, there are times you can sit down and visualize someone bringing you food, and wah-la! Your neighbor unexpectedly arrives with BBQ, or a girl scout rings your doorbell with boxes full of your favorite cookies, or the appliance repair guy invites you out for a nice dinner. Manifesting simple things can be so easy that after a while you don't even need to set intentions anymore, you just need to go on a diet.

Conversely, many things take years to accomplish because they aren't just a single element, but involve dozens, even hundreds of interconnected items through one's own efforts, combined with many other people's contributions and allowances.

Even just the initial act of manifesting (per the law of attraction) which requires the conscious setting of intentions, becomes increasingly complex when you have to negotiate the different desires, needs, and decision-making/operating styles with a partner - you just need a couple of closets and a parking spot, and he needs three garages and a parking lot. With the addition of each new family member, challenges multiply. So, it may be that each individual item, once some common ground is found, can manifest through the power of visualization, affirmation, intention, and action (don't forget action!), but collectively the process will often, not always, but often, take much, much longer.

This dichotomy, that some goals do manifest so fast that they literally land in our laps, and others seem to just take so darn long, is perplexing. It can lead many to feel as if they have failed as a conscious creator. This creates a triple-whammy cocktail of confusion, frustration, and defeat. Often this happens because the obtainment of highly complex goals requires the help of others who aren’t wanting to, or are able to, move as fast as we are. This is especially true when we aren't starting off with a huge bundle of cash or a hefty credit account to entice already busy people to join us and hurry it up.

In these instances, we do have several options.1. We can exert our control over the situation and find different people to help us or make new decisions. 2. We can do nothing but just complain and be frustrated. 3. We can take a deep breath and ask ourselves whether we really have to be in such a hurry.

What really is that hurrying about?

Often the thing we are wanting most is the thing that is going to get us out of a particular discomfort, whether physical or emotional; real or perceived. The more achievement of this goal is seen to be the savior or all saviors, our prince charming that will swipe us away from all the drudgeries of daily work and life, the more intense we get about needing to make it happen now – and the more frustrations can build.

I had that thought today as I was standing in my ice-cold living room/kitchen which will someday double as an education/retreat center. "Our place has been under renovation for three-way frick'in years!" I yelled out loud to no one in particular: “How the heck am I going to withstand another week of living in mud, dust, and eating/cooking/bathing out of our garage? I decided to light a fire in our wood-burning stove, not an easy feat given much of the wood is still damp. Finally, it lit and I sat down to meditate on the positives. At least I have a comfy bedroom and warm office on the other side of the house where I spend most of my time and teach my online classes from, and that's a lot more than many others have around the world. Most importantly, I have awesomely high internet speed!

This was followed by a realization,"the problem is not external, it lies with my expectations. what if I were really to adjust my internal deadline, and change my expectations that it won’t be done last week, this week or in a month, but instead towards the end of the summer when it becomes dryer and warmer and more bearable for all those involved in the construction to do their final parts? Then the pressure is really off!"

I realized it's not so much the discomfort and inconveniences, as the constant repeating of "it shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be taking so long!" that was more of the issue. That's when I felt a shift. A release of tension. I could stop trying to control things out of my control – the weather, workers' schedules, and my partner's tendency to open 100 jobs at once, always with an equally compelling and logical reason why the new one had to take precedence over the others.

I looked back at other experiences that had been unexpectedly frustrating, such as publishing journal articles – usually each one being a two-to-seven year endeavor; getting a Ph.D. - which took about six years not including my Master's degree, which took another five, not including my B.A. Even developing the ISC and present career that I love - these took only a few short decades to pull off.

The thing that made these endeavors the most frustrating was not the excessive delays, but the very short and unrealistic timeline I applied to each and every one of them from the start. Most importantly, many of these things involved huge learning curves on my part I had not anticipated, along with constant revisions that I initially rallied against, only to later discover how much better they made all of my writing and work.

After meditating, I headed into our garage-temporary kitchen, to make a pot of coffee while trying to find a working electrical outlet and dropping grounds all over the stovetop, which doubles as our only work surface in there (with rat traps set too close for comfort), and still, a letting go happened. I had a 360-degree shift, thinking: "What is a few months, a few years, even a decade of a lifespan of 90-plus years or so?

I realized that adjusting my expectations of time frame is something fully in my control, that I could do right then and there. I was surprised to find immediate relief from stress. Of course, I am still so curious to see what it will all look like, after what will hopefully turn out to be a very warm, dry, and productive summer. It is April 18th after all, doesn’t spring/summer have to be on their way soon here in Oregon…? Uggg! Where the heck is the warm weather??!!!

Yes, patience does often seem in short supply - and far too transitory- but that's

where meditating, hanging out with so many others who are passionate about the same topics (for now online, in the future, at my place), and doing remote viewing sessions, clairvoyant healings and readings really take the edge off. The latter is like binge-watching your favorite TV show - watching scenes, stories, and lives unfold - but with your eyes closed - while helping others and getting inspiration for your own life.

Psychic Abilities

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Apr 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Debra. It really came at the right time for me. I so hope, though, that things will pick up and be finished not only “as quickly as possible”, but most thoroughly and excellently. Wishing you the very best.

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