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Privacy Policy for the International School of Clairvoyance

Rest assured your information is private. It is not shared with anyone outside the owners of the International School of Clairvoyance, whether you are simply visiting our website or filling out the contact form or purchasing a class or a service. Your information is never sold or shared with any outside source. Third-party apps connected to this site will have their own privacy policies. 


Recordings of classes and or private sessions

Practice group sessions are never recorded. 


No classes or services may be secretly recorded or released to the public by either party. If a service recipient would like to record a session themselves, they should ask the practitioner. If agreed upon, this recording is for personal purposes only and may not be shared with anyone else or on any social platform. Recordings of sessions made by the ISC are deleted within 90 days of the session. If you do not receive your recording, please send an email to your practitioner requesting this recording within that time period. We have no reason to record a session other than to be able to provide this to clients. Therefore if you don't wish to have your session recorded, please tell that to the practitioner. 


Recordings of readings/services will never be shared with others. Class recordings will not typically be shared with others outside of class. If this happens it would only be the instructor's voice and not that of the students. 

Terms of Service


Intuitive Sessions that are canceled prior to the service being performed will be refunded at the full price paid minus payment processing fees that are not refunded by our payment processors, such as Paypal and Stripe. This is because these companies no longer offer refunds for these fees. If you miss your paid appointment due to any reason you may still reschedule. If you receive a service and are not enjoying your service within the first 15 minutes you may ask for a refund. However, after 10 minutes you will be charged for the full session without a refund. 

The cost of a service is for the time and effort spent by the practitioner, not for results. The same is true for courses. Recordings are offered for services and classes as a supplemental courtesy. This means all efforts will be made to record the session at the recipient's request —however, if something happens and the recording becomes unavailable, the ISC will not provide a refund. 


Refund Policies

Students who pay for 10—or 12-week classes will not receive a refund once payment is made. However, funds can be transferred to any other class for which they may qualify. Students who miss classes can retake the class partially or fully at no additional charge, provided the agreed-upon tuition has been made.

Students may only retake each 10-12 week class one time. Those who wish to retake a class more than once will be charged a $300 retake fee as of May 2023.

Those who wish to retake a class, who did not miss any classes. may do so. but will also be charged a $300 fee. 

Retaking of courses only applied to online courses. It does not apply to in person workshops.


Student agreements may be in the form of formal agreements or email correspondence which will be seen as a binding agreement. 


Any disputes that can not be resolved between both parties will be resolved through arbitration, which will be overseen by the American Arbitration Association.

If you have questions about these terms please contact the ISC Director at


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