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Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing

Mediumship & Energy Healing

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Starts September 2020

Learn how to develop your clairvoyant abilities to levels never imagined! Learn how to read and heal yourself and others in these highly interactive, personalized teleseminar 12 week programs.

Clairvoyant Training Programs Level 1, 2, 3

Starts January 2021

Continue the journey! Learn additional mediumship reading & healing approaches with ongoing supervised practice. Prepare for professional practice.


All New Mediumship


Starts September 2020

Learn a variety of traditional Remote Viewing modalities, using Debra's unique approach, to describe anything in the physical world - find lost objects, describe locations, people, photographs, & have fun!

Remote Viewing

 Training Program

Check out our all new
Professional Level Master Class
1 Year Complete Training Program 

Specializing in Intuitive Development, Psychic Development, Training for Empaths,
Psychic Training, Intuitive Training, Clairvoyant Training, Mediumship Training,
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