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Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 CLASSES

Develop Your Natural Intuitive Abilities Now!

Ask about discounts for those Impacted by the Coronavirus (Covid-19)!

Starts January 2020

Learn how to develop your clairvoyant abilities to levels never imagined! Learn how to read and heal yourself and others in these highly interactive, personalized teleseminar 12 week programs.

Clairvoyant Training Programs Level One

Starts February 2021

Continue the journey! Learn additional mediumship reading & healing approaches with ongoing supervised practice. Prepare for professional practice.


All New Mediumship


Starts Feb 4, 2020

Learn a variety of traditional Remote Viewing modalities, using Debra's unique approach, to describe anything in the physical world - find lost objects, describe locations, people, photographs, & have fun!

Remote Viewing

 Training Program

Starts January 2020

Continue the journey, depending your practice, learning life path readings, past life, akashic record, mental deprogramming, & much more.

Clairvoyant Training Programs Level Two

Starts May 2021

Through group & one on one clairvoyant practice, students explore the subconscious, their own creative potential, and deepen their intuitive practice on every level.


Clairvoyant Training

Progam Level Three

Starts October 2020

The Master Class includes all 12 week classes presently offered through the ISC at a substantial discount, that can be made in small, managable monthly payments and taken at the students own pace.

One Year Complete

Master's Class

12 Week Distant Programs Class Schedule

All Programs are conducted via real time, webinar conferencing systems. 

Students attend class in real time, at the scheduled time, from the comfort of their own homes. Recordings are available for any missed classes. 


Classes are designed to closely simulate in person training & are highly personalized, interactive & fun! Students participate, most just require use of a phone or program like Skype. Some also require a computer/internet connection.  


All courses come with recordings. Currently, all classes are taught by Author Debra Lynne Katz.


If any of the days & times work for you, register now as these will not be offered every semester, at the same times or on the same days. See each individual level for upcoming class schedule.

How Do Students Actually participate in the ISC Clairvoyant Training Programs?

What is a tele-seminar as taught via the ISC?


Clairvoyant Level One, Two and Three & Mediumship Classes are taught via highly interactive teleseminar (audio only) hosted through


Students will receive a phone number and their own unique pin number with their name attached. They can call in:


via telephone (just need hands free speakers or headset- no internet connection needed)

using Skype

using an online webdialer


The class is taught through audio, meaning there will be no webcams or video, for a specific reason! Debra wants you to focus on the internal screen of your mind that you will visualize with eyes closed (corresponding with the third eye or 6th chakra), rather then your computer screen. Every attempt is made to allow for ongoing communication between students and instructor and students to student but at the same time minimizing all visual distractions. You will be amazed to discover how a sense of community and connection can be achieved through this simple format. 


This program allows for students to speak up at all times, both verbally and through other methods using the keypad of their phone. This innovative audio system allows for the class to break into  private break out rooms where students can practice one on one or in small groups, under the supervision of their instructor who can rotate from room to room.


Communicating via teleseminar with a focus on audio is a quick and easy way to communicate while allow the student to participate from any place in their home, without having to worry about how they look, how they are dressed, whether or not their lighting is good, or their house in clean. 


Students will also participate on a separate group page at where they will be able to access all class recordings, and learn about each other and communicate with each other and the instructor and receive class updates.


Class recordings will be in the form of mp3 that are extremely quick and easy to download. Level One Students will have access to their own class recording and the recording from the other's day's class as well.



What is a webinar as taught via the ISC?


The remote viewing classes are taught via webinar on Students will receive a web link that allows for simple easy access. They will need a microphone and speakers  which most of today's computers have. and internet connection so they can see their screens. The program can also be accessed via a tablet such as an Ipad or even a smart phone. 


Webcams will not be used (meaning students will not be on camera) except on rare occasions because it's important to minimize visual distractions as students will be practicing remote viewing in every class. Also students need to be able to relax and not worry about how they look. However, there will be constant screen sharing, mostly by the teacher who will use a variety of tools to demonstrate techniques and share online resources. There will be a companion group page where students can easily upload their remote viewing transcripts and refer back to these during class.


Students are encouraged to either have a scanner or download an APP on their smartphone called CAMSCANNER that allows for taking pictures of writtent transcripts and uploading to their email and then to a companion group page (on where students can easily upload their remote viewing transcripts and refer back to these during class. They will be able to communicate with thier peers outside of class via this page as well and access all class recordings, dates, etc.


Students will be taught how to work with this easy to use technology in class to prepare them to go onto working with other project managers, researchers and instructors.

Recent Testimonial

I took the Level I and Advanced Level II Clairvoyant classes with Debra and recommend them highly to anyone wanting to learn more about developing their psychic intuition.  Though these classes will prepare you to become a professional Clairvoyant Reader, they are excellent in developing your intuition for your own personal growth, relationship enhancement, and healing as well.  When I was looking for a teacher, I wanted one with credibility, skill, vision, and compassion.  Debra has all that and more.  Her warmth made everyone feel welcome and comfortable from the very beginning, and she led our small classes with great attention to how we were individually developing.  She answered even the most basic and potentially embarrassing questions with sincerity and non-judgment, and as we progressed into more difficult techniques or had questions about difficult readings, her advice always helped us understand both what to do and why.  Debra’s wisdom, sense of humor, and encouragement made the weeks fly by, and only at the end did we realize how far we had come, and thanks to her, how easily we made the trip.

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