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Fridays with Ingo: Unpacking the term "Gifted" - Are psychic abilities innate or learned? Debra explores these questions through a case study of Ingo Swann's life, and his contributions to research.

Powerpoint Slides

A Candid Conversation with

remote viewers Daz Smith & Debra Katz March, 2020

Psychic Developement in Stages

Associative Remote Viewing

webinar video - how to have success in ARV and RV trials even when self judging is involved

Palm Olsie Radio Show

Debra and Pam have a compelling conversation about our various psychic abilities, and what would life be like if we could all read minds, psychic ethics, remote viewing, etc.

The New Thinking Allowed

Part 1 with Jeffery MIshlove, October 2015. This URL may change, still in post production

What is Clairvoyance

Lou Lou Mace Interviews Debra Katz

Starting a Psychic or Healing Business

Part 1 with Debra Katz

Starting a Psychic or Healing Business

Part 3 with Debra Katz
Mark Twain's Mental Telegraphy - Reading by Debra

Associative Remote Viewing Webinar

Remote Viewing bulls-eye target trainingpractice and therapy webinar - Part 1 By Debra Katz

Associative remote viewing

Debra Lynne Katz offered this presentation at the Spring 2016 Applied Precognition Project Conference in Henderson, Nevada

How to Master Your Psychic Abilities

Take Your Psychic Abilities from Ordinary to Extraordinary! Find out just how easy it is to use your innate psychic abilities to access insightful and helpful information about anything!

The New Thinking Allowed

Part 2 with Jeffery MIshlove, October 2015. This URL may change, still in post production

Develope Your Psychic Skills

Lou Lou Mace Interviews Debra Katz

Starting a Psychic or Healing Business

Part 2 with Debra Katz

Empath Protection Lecture

"Shared pain, emotion, telepathy" Debra Lynne Katz
Debra's APP Talk on Ingo Swann & Redefining the word, "gifted".

Psychic Speedreading Class

Remote Viewing the Future with Debra Katz

Facilitator Training Video

Facilitator Training Video for International School of Clairvoyance

Free Recording from ISC Valentines Day Meditation Event!

Free Webinar

Turn Your Formal Research Project Into a Formal Scientific Study specifically for remote viewers, psychics, psi enthusiasts without a degree or budget, who are already doing interesting projects involving blind protocols and repeated trials. 

Imagination, The Doorway to Clairvoyance

Psychic Developement Blog 1 - Debra Lynne Katz

You are Worth More Than Your Debit Score

By Debra Lynne Katz

Bending Spoons

Written & Directed By Debra Lynne Katz. First professional film ($2000 Budget)

Psychic Explorer TV Show, 1999

Hosted by Debra with special guests twin sister Amy & The Astrologer (keep in mind this is 20 years old!, Debra was a bit immature back then - well more so then now.

Remote Viewing Class

Remote Viewing Class for This Semester's Level 1 Clairvoyant Class

The Other Side of The Curve

Daz Smith, Edward Riordan, Debra Katz - Pilot Episode

The Maiden and The Mime

Written & Directed By Debra Katz, first student film ($600 budget)

See You Later Aligator

Written by James Cremin (RIP!) Produced & Co-Directed by Debra Lynne Katz (No Budget)

Desert Tears Documentry

An ominous ride through Debra's backyard (Shot on Iphone 4, oviously no budget) 

What do you get when you put together 80 attendees, 12 clairvoyant speakers, and Debra as your host, all in their P.J.'s?  It's not too late to join in the fun, inspiration and energy! Just watch the video and pretend you are there too, follow along to get the benefits! Benefits include blowing off the  ceiling of limitations that may be keeping your spirit, abundance level and our rate of change lower or slower than feels right to you!


It's not just about simply ringing in the new year with cheer, it's time to recreate, revitalize and restructure the blueprint of your life so that nothing can  stop you from realizing your potential. It's always easier to do this when you are in the midst of other like-minded souls who want to help you as much as you'd like to help them.


Meet Santa’s elves, angels and merry makers who traveled  from their own intuitive based programs for this very special gathering of like-minded souls

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Debra Lynne Katz

Michelle Bulgatz

Kathy Davenport

Nicole Ferguson

Nikki Gross

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