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Intuitive Training, Psychic Training, Clairvoyant Development

What is a 

Webinar with the International School of clairvoyance?

A webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet. You are given a link to log into and you use your computer with its microphone and speakers. We don't usually use webcams, so you don't have to worry about what you look like. This minimizes distractions. which is important when doing intensive inner work. However, you may see the instructor's screen sometimes. The sessions may include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, videos, interactive questions, and answers. Attendees often have access to the recorded Webinar without extra fees. The remote viewing program is taught via Zoom.Us as a webinar and also makes use of a separate group page via our social network,

If you don't have an internet connection you can still easily call in through a telephone number. This will work just fine for our clairvoyant classes (levels 1 -3, and mediumship). Its a little more challenging for the remote viewing class, but an option than for those occasions when your internet goes down.


Benefits of Attending Intuitive Based Classes via Webinar

"Really? It's possible to attend class this way?!" Prospective students often ask this until they realize that of course if we are using our intuitive abilities that transcend space and time, then why would we need to be physically present?

Time effective: You do not have to worry about traveling or getting dressed, or how you look!

Cost effective: The registration fee is all it costs you. In the budget situation, this should be the best option to gain more knowledge without spending thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel, car rental, taxi, etc.

Convenient: You can attend a Webinar in your office or at home at your own convenience.

Perfect for classes where we want you to just close your eyes and focus within without distracting visual cues and interferences.  Since we do so much visualizations, meditations, and clairvoyant reading and healing work, we actually prefer offering classes this way.   This prepares you for future practice and professional work, as in today's world, you are going to want to be able to do phone work and offer your own services through this technology, so not only are you learning about the subject matter, you are learning about new technology and how to use it to your own advantage.  The last thing you want is to have leading or misleading information from your client's visual cues! 

It allows us to teach ongoing classes so you get the highest level of training, with time in between to practice and do homework assignments, integrate what you have learned in class and to gain experiences that you can then share in class the next week.

Easy to use: We use the best system designed to give you an in person class experience in the comfort of your own home.

Interactive: Most of our classes are highly interactive. Not only do you get a chance to ask questions throughout, but you will often be called on to share your experiences and insights and visions during your meditations. Our clairvoyant programs and practice groups will have you speaking oftentimes more than the teacher.

Specialty Workshops: Access to the recorded webinar online without extra charges: Many of our Webinar sessions will be recorded and posted online for later access. If you pay the registration fee, you will have access to this archive without extra charges. You will be able to listen if you miss the class. You can also purchase the recording if you are unable to attend the class or if the class has ended.

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All New Master Class - One year "the works" Professional Intuitive

Development Certificate Program

If you know you are committed to expanding your potential in every way possible, then sign up for our year long program that includes all other programs at a substantial discount, that can be paid for via easy, affordable monthly payments.

Reading & Heaing
Program Level One
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Mediumship Program
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Master Class
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