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Disclaimer: Private Intuitive Sessions are are meant to help people and we have data to show they do on many levels. Still, they should never replace or be in lieu of seeking out help of licensed mental health professionals, medical professionals, or even law enforcement for those in danger. Private sessions can compliment such things but results and quality can vary for a variety of reasons. 


We only advocate receiving a professional intuitive session from us no more than once per month and for many once every six months to a year will be sufficient as we want to encourage clients to find their own answers and not get dependent on us. Also it should be kept in mind that like all information from all sources, clients must be discerning. All information can be incorrect, misinterpreted, misunderstood, etc.  At the same time intuitive/clairvoyant based sessions may be able to get to information, issues, facets not easily addressed through other means. This is why we offer them.


While intuitive sessions can be fun, they are not meant purely as entertainment. Some websites say that for legal reasons but that's not what we are doing here. They are meant to help a person connect with their own spirituality, their own truth, own information, deeper self, and to receive communication about their own energy field and energies not easily percievable elsewhere. 

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